Aspire is a U.S. Figure Skating program that marks the transition from skater to figure skater and teaches athletes of all ages the skills they need to make the most of their figure skating journey. Aspire offers an affordable, comprehensive package program in a safe and supportive group training environment. Skaters will learn proper skill development and training techniques while sampling different skating opportunities and fine-tuning their fundamental skating skills. 

The Blazers Ice Centre Aspire Program is open to developing skaters who are currently enrolled in or have completed Learn to Skate Basic 5 or above, or those with equivalent skills. Our program includes weekly on-ice and off-ice training sessions and allows for additional individual practice time following group training.




Enrollment is now open! Aspire is open to skaters of all ages, Basic 5 level or higher. Click to enroll below, or sign up in person at the front desk. Skaters must be enrolled on or before the start date of each session. If you miss the first class, don’t worry. A new session will begin shortly.


There will be no make-up classes, reduced price for missed classes, refunds, or credits due to rink closure or inability to attend class. Class dates do not always run consecutively ā€“ major holidays and competition dates are not included in the schedule. Check email for any updates to class schedules.


Questions about this or any Blazers Ice Centre program? Send an email to or call our business office between the hours of 10AM and 4PM. We’re happy to help.