Training ice sessions are for skaters who are training with a coach or practicing specific skating skills. The number of skaters is limited for each training ice session so that each skater can work safely and effectively. Presently, all ages and skill levels are welcome at all training ice sessions.



$12 / 45 min (Paid online via Self-Service account)

$15 / 45 min (Walk-on)

$399.99 Monthly Unlimited Training Ice Pass

Training ice skaters are strongly encouraged to have Self-Service accounts. By having a Self-Service account, packages can be purchased with training ice sessions at a discounted rate rather than paying a walk-on rate of $15. In addition to purchasing sessions, the Self-Service account allows you to book sessions and keep track of your schedule. Instructions for creating your Self-Service account are below and purchasing sessions are below.

Monthly Unlimited Training Ice Pass can be purchased in person at the front desk only.



Everyone must sign in for training ice. This helps us maintain accurate records for billing and for safety. Please remember to sign the training ice book when you arrive.


1. Check in at front desk and sign in (training ice book) before getting on the ice.

2. Drinks are allowed on or below the railing. No food is permitted on the ice.

3. Please pick up all belongings and trash in benches and seating areas at the end of the session.

4. Parents, skaters not skating the session, and other spectators should not be on the benches near the ice. This is unsafe and distracting, and interferes with constructive training.

5. Coaching by parents from the benches or bleachers is not permitted.

6. If you are an experienced skater, please be patient with the less experienced skaters. Remember that you were new to training ice at one time too!


– The skater doing a routine to music has the right of way.

– Skaters taking a lesson have the right of way over general skaters in the session.


  1. Select Self-Service in the navigation bar at the top of the page.
  2. Select Create Account.
  3. Fill in first and last names, email, username, and password. You can create an account with the skater’s name, or with a parent’s name. If you are a parent and you choose to create the account with your name, you will be able to add your skater(s) via the Relationships option from your Profile page once it is set up.
  1. Log in to Self-Service account.
  2. Select Buy, then Packages from the menu.
  3. Check all boxes for packages you are interested in purchasing, then click the Next button.
  4. If purchasing a single package, select Buy for the specific package, then type the number of sessions you would like. You will then be taken to a Payment page.

If purchasing multiple packages, click on the cart image next to each package you wish to purchase, type the preferred number of sessions, then click Select. You can then either choose to click out of it and select more packages, View Cart, or Check Out.

  1. Once you have purchased training ice packages you can select Book Sessions from the menu.
  2. Select the session you want to book. The ability to book a session ends at the time it starts.
  3. A pop-up will appear with name and package options. Both can be clicked on so that you may select a different name, if you have multiple skaters or names attached to your account, and different package if you have multiple types.
  1. From the menu, select My Schedule.
  2. Select the session you wish to cancel. Clients may cancel up to 2 hours before a booked session.
  3. A pop-up will appear, select Cancel.

Blazers Ice Centre is not responsible for walk-on charges if there is not an available package on account. Parents of skaters 18 and under are responsible for the setting up and maintenance of the self-service accounts. If the parent/skater forgets to sign in online the account will be billed the $15 walk-on rate with no exceptions. Blazers Ice Centre and its employees are NOT responsible for the maintenance of your account.